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About the ICT directorate


 About The ICT Directorate

The ICT Directorate is responsible for facilitating the development of ICT systems and infrastructure within the University. ICT services started to develop within Murang’a University from having limited services with very few old machines into incorporating today's advanced computing resources to better services. Today, the ICT Directorate has established a university-wide ICT Infrastructure and built capacity to serve the University core processes.

The ICT Directorate provides the first management and support for computing and technology infrastructures, services and systems within the University. The office also manages the data network infrastructures, central services provision such as official website, institutional emails, entire antivirus security systems, internet and data services, bandwidth optimization services and business applications. The office also provides troubleshooting, maintenance and technical support services on computers, office machines, and related devices.



Our Vision is to transform the University into an automated work environment that supports Teaching, Learning, Research and Innovation for socio-economic development.


Our mission is to integrate ICT in all aspects of Teaching, Learning, Research and Innovation by providing, coordinating and facilitating the use of ICT in all activities of the University to accelerate change.


The core objectives of the ICT Directorate are to address key ICT infrastructural, services and business automation needs of the University concerning the strategic plan. These include:

  1. ICT Infrastructures and services enhancement and expansion to enable technology-enhanced education, research, and innovation
  2. Digitizing and automating operational, academic, research, service provision and administrative business processes
  3. Creating seamless and secured educational environment
  4. Driving ICT human capacity development, maximizing business-enabling collaborations and industry linkages
  5. Provision of ICT technical support and maintenance services to streamline the operational business processes of the university

Facilities and Resources

The office is poised to serve your needs with the following facilities and resources:

  • Institutional emails
  • Website services
  • Bandwidth optimization solutions
  • Virtual Desktop Cloud Computing Infrastructure Open Access Facilities
  • Office Telephony
  • Wireless LAN hotspots
  • ICT Support and maintenance
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Total antivirus security solutions

Our Contacts:

ICT Directorate

Murang’a University of Technology

P.O. Box 75 – 10200

Murang’a Kenya


Office: 0771463515/0771370824


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.